Two of my earliest memories involve photography. The first is of going to a camera shop with my dad. Just me and him. We would spend hours looking at every camera body, lens and accessory. We’d usually return home empty-handed, only to return later to resume our search for the “perfect” gadget. He was a gadget geek, an expensive gene he handed down to me.

The second memory is of watching slideshows of family photos in our “fancy” living room. This is the room I was never, ever allowed to go into, much less play in. The only exceptions were for Christmas and when the slide projector came out. The images, mostly taken by my dad during his tours of duty around the world, fascinated me. He would narrate the story. I wish I had paid more attention to his words, but his pictures remain.

My dad liked photography. It was his occasional hobby. Over the years, I’ve become pretty passionate about my expensive pastime and amassed enough toys to fill my own small camera shop. Slowly but surely, I’m learning to use all those toys to create my own photos worthy of a slideshow.

Above are a handful of my favorite photos. If you’d like to see more, feel free to visit my Flickr Photostream. I’ve posted 6000+ images over the past decade. Not all are good, but practice makes, well, practice.