Most designers I know talk about how they always knew they wanted to be a designer, ever since they were kids. Not me. I grew up wanting to be film director. Or a screenwriter. What a designer did was a mystery to me.

I became a graphic designer + creative manager by following my instincts and interests, by going with the flow, asking lots of questions, learning quickly, listening and changing course as needed. Design is at the crossroads of everything that I care about: business, art, technology, media, entertainment and education. Although I didn’t know it growing up, I ended up right where I belong, doing creative work I love and enjoy, developing solutions to design problems big and small.

Above is a selection of work I’ve done over the years, both as a freelancer and as part of larger teams at NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital. Disney Interactive, ABC Digital Media, Yahoo! Entertainment, and Walt Disney Internet Group. I’ve also worked at Apple Inc. and Walt Disney Park & Resorts Online.

I’m always open to new, full-time design and/or management opportunities, so please feel free to check out my online resume and get in touch.